Our goal from the start has been to self-fund our work. We take a lot of pride in what we have been able to achieve since the inception of Yummi Universe and would like to look back in the future and be proud.
Self-funding is not easy. A lot has to be considered to acquire enough funding to achieve our goals, while also not asking for so much that it feels like we're betraying our community. In this sense, it might be easier to ask investors for money to fund the project. However, we'd like to reward our community for believing in us and allowing us to achieve our dreams. So this is our current plan;
We have decided to sell the first Yummi booster packs using ADA. These will contain multiple playing card digital collectibles for use in our P2E game. We are doing this in order to fund the upscaling of the initial game development without negatively affecting the price of our token.
We understand that some of you may wish to purchase these using the $Yummi token, however we assure you that future Yummi booster packs will be sold in $Yummi tokens exclusively. Until then, you will be able to use the token progressively as more features come out, be it in the game, on the marketplace, or in The Village for staking and governance.
The price of the Yummi booster packs will be announced in the future, but affordability is one of our top priorities. Once received, the pack can either be opened directly or be kept unopened for as long as you want.