Yummi Token - $Yummi

Along with a large and ever growing collection of digital collectibles representing in-game assets, a utility token will be issued on the Cardano blockchain serving as our main currency. This will be available by various means such as airdrops, staking, P2E mechanics and more. The token will be used to power different features throughout the ecosystem.
Some of these uses will be intertwined with gameplay, spending and earning $Yummi along with your in-game progression. Other uses for $Yummi include staking, governance and more as we evolve. Our primary goal is to provide constant utility to our userbase with new and exciting features.
Initially only a very small percentage of the total $Yummi supply will be airdropped to initiate tokens into circulation, mostly for Series 1 collection holders. However, this is not the main $Yummi distribution method, but more of a gift and a head start to Yummi Universe's most loyal fans.
Our goal moving forward is to continue the trend that was set by the 10K PFP Naru and Seasonal 10K Naru collections of being top notch in terms of distribution. The Yummi Universe team acknowledges that this is not the only relevant metric, however it's one of the most important to us. For this reason, the first way of obtaining new tokens will be through the staking of Naru. This can be considered an initial offering through digital collectible staking and we believe this is a novel way of doing it on Cardano. As time goes on, the yield from Naru staking will progressively diminish as other features get implemented and other ways of obtaining $Yummi are introduced. This way we will see a large and diversified holder base that cares about the project and its future, thus setting up a nice path for $Yummi staking which will allow governance and our other planned features to shine.
Details of the tokenomics can be found on the dedicated page Tokenomics.