The Yummi Universe marketplace will be just that; a smart contract enabled Cardano digital collectible marketplace, specifically tailored to suit the needs of Yummi Universe related collectibles. It will incorporate the necessary tools for a pleasant user experience while searching for specific cards and gathering the supply into one convenient marketplace.
On top of that, it will allow for listing in both ADA and $Yummi, with incentives to list in $Yummi such as reduced fees. When listing with ADA, the marketplace will act like any other marketplace and collect royalties. However, all $Yummi listings have fees that fund the treasury, which will in turn fund staking and P2E. Having our own proprietary marketplace set up in such a way allows us to lower fees for our cards while benefiting the ecosystem at the same time.
Base functionalities of the marketplace will be:
  • Buy or list a digital collectible with ADA or $Yummi
  • Bid or accept a bid on a digital collectible
  • Loan or lend in-game assets
We have intentions to implement a trading system in a future update.