We aim to create a card collection game with gameplay being a mix between Pokémon, Slay the Spire and Hearthstone, centered around different digital collectible cards and a Cardano native token. The game would see you customize your deck, battle against players or take on PvE adventure mode and make your Yummi stronger, as well as spend and earn $Yummi in different areas of the game.
Gameplay demo Footage
Packs & Cards
To obtain new cards, you must open packs purchasable with $Yummi tokens in the store, each available for a limited time. Once a new pack gets released or a set period of time has passed, the previous pack will be discontinued and only available through second hand markets, making the supply capped and deflationary as people open them over time.
When opening a pack, you'll be able to get the following type of cards:
Trainer card: Play as a trainer to get elemental boosts
Monster Card: Use in battle to fight enemies
Move Card: Equip on monster cards to use in battle
With these cards you will be able to assemble your team. In Yummi Universe, a team is made up of 4 Yummi monsters, moves that your Yummi can perform in battle, and one trainer which gives a boost to the entire team.
PvP & Tournament
Create the perfect deck to battle against other players, climb the ranks and rise to the top of the leaderboard by playing ranked and earning $Yummi rewards!
You will also be able to participate in weekly tournaments, in which you will have to pay $Yummi entry fee which goes into the prize pool. Win your matches, go up in brackets and win a big $Yummi prize!
Adventure mode
Discover the lore of Yummi Universe, battle against story trainers, discover legendary Yummi, loot items, earn $Yummi and more!
Overview of game world