Roadmap for total world domination

Phase 1 - Inception

The inception phase will see us build the beginning of our ecosystem and focus on securing funding to realize the project described in the Blue Paper.

An initial version of The Village will be made, functionality will first include staking of Naru for $Yummi, along with our first pack sale held in ADA, which will allow you to mint booster packs with the ability to open them at any given moment to receive a random selection of cards.

  • Lite & Blue paper

  • Village V.01

    • Naru Staking

    • Wallets Integrations

  • Game teaser

  • First pack sale

    • Cards artwork

    • Pack minting system

    • Pack opening system

Phase 2 - Groundwork

Off to building, the groundwork phase will be about realizing the Blue Paper. It'll end once the base version of the game has been made, a fully functional smart contract marketplace has been deployed and The Village has integrated $Yummi staking along with a governance system. This will lay the groundwork to build a self-sustaining ecosystem.

  • Game

  • Marketplace

  • Village

Phase 3 - Governance takeover

From here the future development will be decided through democratic governance - The community will be able to vote between a series of updates on the ecosystem. Verified holders will be able to propose update ideas, all of which would be put to a vote and decided on where to go next. This space is moving fast and we don't want to commit to long term objectives that the community doesn't truly want.

The first significant vote on the roadmap will be for a game update and a Village update. The winning vote for each will go into development and the other choices will have another chance at the next vote.

Side note on time estimate and wen? Until now, time estimates we have given have been vague. For example: Q1 2022 for Lite Paper, early Q2 2022 for Naru Staking. We gave these estimates since we were confident in our ability to fulfil them.

However, going forward this will sadly not always be the case, as we don't want to throw estimates out there that we are not fully confident in. This is why for now there is no definitive timeline. We will keep updating the community (primarily on Discord and Twitter) on the progress being made and be more precise about when new features are expected to be released as we go.

We are committed to build the best project we can no matter what, which will of course take time and we hope you can understand that.

Much love, from Yummi Universe team!

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