Yummi drip 💦
The store will be the place to go for all Yummi Universe related merchandise, from t-shirts to sweaters, plushies and more!
Initially we will only be accepting fiat currency like any other website. We chose to do this as we need to be able to pay manufacturers in fiat to produce our goods, however when an on-ramp gateway is available, we will also take payment in ADA or even $Yummi.
The webstore will also allow for purchasing of the various limited time card packs. As stated in Self-fund, the first card pack will be in ADA to aid the future development of the game. Every pack after the initial sale will be available to purchase in $Yummi tokens exclusively. Once each minting period is over, the packs from that period will never be available to mint again, effectively capping the supply and making them deflationary as times goes on and people open them.
That's not all for the store, there are other interesting concepts we would like to explore in the future which include ideas such as:
  • Limited edition auctions and selling of signature pieces in $Yummi as a way to fund the treasury
  • Promotional digital collectibles with merch, possibly with utility. For example the first 500 buyers of a new hoodie could get a special playing card collectible that can be used in the game, or for a set period of time people who buy Naru plushies could have a cute 3D render of it as a digital collectible