The road so far

Series 1

Starting with humble beginnings in April of 2021, the first Yummi Universe digital collectibles were created - the first set from the Series 1 collection.
Spanning over multiple months, the full Series 1 collection was sold to the public. It had more than 25 different designs which allowed Yummi Universe to gain a loyal fanbase. Series 1 also got its own release of 75 physical card packs shipped out to Series 1 collectors.


On the 31st of August the first Naru collection was teased - a set of 10,000 procedural algorithmically generated digital collectibles made for profile picture use.
After a month of never-ending waiting (where the now famous "Wen?" GIF came to life), the collection dropped and it was an instant success, selling out in a mere 20 minutes. It quickly became one of the most popular collections on Cardano, with many people using it as their profile pictures on Twitter, Discord, etc.
This collection inspired an abundance of fan art, along with full derivative collections such as Poisson Yummi or Yummibits. Many other Cardano collections also incorporated Naru into their artwork or even incorporated it into their collections as an attribute. (Derp Birds, Mutant Crocs, Project Wights and many others)

Seasonal 10K Drops

On the 8th of October a strange and spoopy message was posted which would lead to the release of the Spoopy Naru collection - a Halloween themed drop of 10,000 Naru which would instantly strike fear into anyone who would dare to look at them. At first intended to be a purely fun collection with no planned utility, the community voted to continue through seasonal drops with a burning mechanism, where one Seasonal Naru needed to be sacrificed in order to replace it with a Naru from a brand new season, thus limiting the supply of the seasonal collection at 10,000 digital collectibles.
As of now, four seasons have been released - Spoopy, Winter, Spring and Summer. With more smaller and size limited collection comming down the line !

Collaborations & Yummi Pool

On top of the collections mentioned above, Yummi Universe has also worked on multiple collaborations, notably one with SundaeSwap, featuring Naru and Neku wearing their best bandanas. But that's not all, other collaborations include:
  • An Ada Dolls collaboration with 4 designs of different rarities.
  • A CNFTCon collaboration, where holders each received one of 5 variations of a special Naru.
  • A Project Wights collaboration with Naru as a godfudder spirit in their Ichimi NFT.
  • A Dream Space Festival (by Shook Boyz) collaboration raising awareness on mental health and suicide prevention.
  • A Metadams collaboration, where holders of a Yummi Universe digital collectible will be able to play as Naru.
We also have another future collaboration announced with Angel Baby Hit Squad.
A Yummi Universe stake pool has been opened (Ticker: YUMMI) where delegators with more than 100 ADA have a chance at winning the special monthly Wen? digital collectible.